Loving Working From Home Studio

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So as most of you know I have closed my store at the 5th Street Arcades and am now working from home.  Well, I’m sort of working but not exactly.  I have a temporary studio set up but I have yet to make a piece of jewelry.  While I was moving I realized I had a tremendous amount of inventory.  Some I am still excited about, some not so much and some I just threw in the trash.  I can feel a total shift in my passion for creating work that is more meaningful to me and to it’s wearers.  I’m still not sure where I am headed but it will most certainly be with the stirrup necklaces.  I think I have a real niche here with the easy on and off.  I will be exploring many ways to market the new work once I get a collection I am really excited about.  Right now I love listening to webinars, podcasts, and watching you tube videos on everything from marking to SKU numbers.  So many folks out there are offering really great information.  some are just very confusing and way over my head so I just turn them off and avoid the tech tears and frustration!  I know there are a lot of people making and selling their jewelry in the World, I have to figure out what will set me apart and how to go about doing that in an affordable way.  This week I have made a total mess out of my website and the store and it is only Monday.  I am now studying a book on WordPress and commerce.  Should I feel stupid that the majority of the titles of the books on my bookshelf end with the word DUMMIES?  Some of them are still too hard to grasp.  Oh well, I still make a mean lasagna.

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