My roots

Sandy Buffie

As the daughter of a shop teacher turned principal, I was always fascinated by metal work and just how everything fit together. My exploration into art has its roots in a six-week drawing class at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, circa 1989. And while painting is still a passion, I am continuously pulled back to my “shop mechanic” roots, which explains my current love affair with jewelry design and sculpting.

No project is too large or small to undertake and the more unique the raw materials or the subject of my work, the more attention I pay to construction of the end product. As an environmentally conscientious artist, my primary materials consist of recycled metal, wire, hardware, and found objects.

Lint heads: the beginning

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow - crafted from recycled dryer lint by Sandy BuffieMy contemporary creative work was sparked by accident. While on the phone with my mother, with twin boys hanging from each leg and wet dryer lint in my hand… I sculpted a young man… from the dryer lint!

Shortly thereafter, I was experimenting with sculpture from a lint-water-glue mixture and developed a line of life-sized busts under the trade name “The Lint Lady.” Yes, Einstein, Leno, the Wolfman, Dale Earnhardt and Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, all made from dryer lint.

Though I have moved onto other artistic pursuits, the interest in commissioned “lint heads” remains high and all requests are met with enthusiasm and good humor!


Hardwear: from scraps to keepsakes

Following the death of my father, I inherited many of his tools and his treasured tool chest. Stationed in the corner of my studio, they were a coveted reminder of my father’s influence, hard work and steady hand.

Then, one day, when brainstorming ideas for “one hundred crafts” to keep a long-suffering friend occupied during repeated chemo treatments, I opened the box hoping to generate some new ideas. Finding old nuts and bolts, copper wire, nails, and scores of tools and other fascinating keepsakes, I was unleashed into a bold new world of unique jewelry possibilities.

And so, the Hardwear jewelry line concept was born.


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  1. Rachel Merrell
    January 16, 2014

    Hi Sandy,

    I work for the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, WY. Our Museum hosts an annual jewelry luncheon and I am researching artists whose jewelry might be popular among our attendees. I am interested in seeing more images of your jewelry. If you could send me some pictures of your jewelery with price points that would be really helpful.



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